UK-EU relations in the Sunak era: conference round-up

7 November 2023, British Academy, London: Leading academics and practitioners met to assess what has changed in UK-EU relations since Rishi Sunak became prime minister in October 2022. Read the conference round-up.

Sunak Era

Workshop for Early Career Researchers 'After Brexit: the UK, the EU, the European neighbourhood, and beyond'

21 June 2023, Møller Institute, Churchill College, Cambridge. Following the third anniversary of the UK’s departure from the EU, this workshop provided an occasion for early career researchers to present work that engages debates in relevant theoretical, conceptual and empirical literatures and that examines the political, legal and economic impact on the UK and the home nations, the EU, EU member, neighbouring states, and other third countries (read more)

picture workshop

UKICE Lunch Hour: How feasible is "rejoin"?

Video: UKICE Lunch Hour: How feasible is "rejoin"? 28 February 2023. Panel: Catherine Barnard, Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe; John Curtice, Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe; Joelle Grogan, Senior Researcher, UK in a Changing Europe; Hussein Kassim, Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe; Anand Menon, Director, UK in a Changing Europe

UKICE Lunch Hour: How feasible is "rejoin"?

Knowledge Exchange

Cleo Davies has presented the state of play of the EU-UK relationship, including the bilateral relations with EU member states, in the House of Lords EU Affairs Committee (January 2023 and March 2023). She also gave a presentation to French business leaders in the agri-food sector (September 2023).

Presentation, Club Demeter (FR)

Cleo Davies

After Brexit: Utopia or Dystopia? Lecture Series

Now that the UK has left the EU, what role should it play in the world? What is ‘Global Britain’? What kind of relationship should the UK seek with its European neighbours? How serious are the tensions between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on the question of the UK’s future relationship with the EU, and do they threaten the union? In this online lecture series, leading figures from politics and academia share their reflections, and offer their hopes and fears. To watch individual video recordings click the arrow tabs below:

Utopia and Dystopia lecture series

Daniel Hannan - 'After The Lockdowns: Did Covid-19 Kill Global Britain?' Daniel Hannan

John Bruton - Brexit ... Reversing 1000 Years of History between These Islands

Nicola McEwen, David Phinnemore and Dan Wincott - A United Kingdom? Brexit and the Future of the Union Panel Discussion

Margaret MacMillan - Back to the Future? The Meaning of Global Britain Margaret MacMillan

Dominic Grieve - Brexit: revolution without end or stable future?