Living with the Neighbours

"The 'Living with the Neighbours' project explores relations between the UK and its European neighbours within and beyond the formal relationship. It compares UK-EU relations with the EU relationship with other neighbours, most notably Norway and Switzerland. It also investigates the UK’s post-Brexit bilateral relations with European countries."

'Living with the Neighbours' is led by Professor Hussein Kassim as ESRC Senior Fellow under the ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ initiative, with Dr Cleo Davies, Senior Research Fellow and Dr Pippa Lacey, Administrative Assistant. It builds on research conducted under earlier senior Fellowships including, ‘Negotiating Brexit: EU institutions, national governments, and the UK’ and ‘Negotiating the Future: the UK’s repositioning in Europe’, which looked at approaches to the Brexit negotiations, the views of EU institutions and national capitals on Brexit, and UK-EU relations in the immediate aftermath of the UK’s departure from the EU.

New 'Living with the Neighbours Observatory' Report (June 2024) Eight years after the UK voted to leave the European Union and with elections in the UK imminent, this new report looks at relations between the UK and its neighbours. Experts from across Europe reflect on the impact of Brexit on perceptions of the UK, how bilateral relations have developed since 2020, and what might change bilaterally and in the UK’s relationship with the EU after the UK elections: 'The UK and its neighbours: views across Europe​'

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