Living with the Neighbours

"The 'Living with the Neighbours' project explores relations between the UK and its European neighbours within and beyond the formal relationship. It compares UK-EU relations with the EU relationship with other neighbours, most notably Norway and Switzerland. It also investigates the UK’s post-Brexit bilateral relations with European countries."

'Living with the Neighbours' is led by Professor Hussein Kassim as ESRC Senior Fellow under the ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ initiative, with Dr Cleo Davies, Senior Research Fellow and Dr Pippa Lacey, Administrative Assistant. It builds on research conducted under earlier senior Fellowships including, ‘Negotiating Brexit: EU institutions, national governments, and the UK’ and ‘Negotiating the Future: the UK’s repositioning in Europe’, which looked at approaches to the Brexit negotiations, the views of EU institutions and national capitals on Brexit, and UK-EU relations in the immediate aftermath of the UK’s departure from the EU.

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