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Professor Hussein Kassim is Principal Investigator on the project Living with the Neighbours and Senior Fellow at UK in a Changing Europe. Hussein has published widely on the EU institutions and policy, the interaction between the EU and its member states, and UK-EU relations. He was a ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ Senior Fellow 2016-17, and 2019-22, and ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ grant holder on ‘Negotiating Brexit’ 2017-19 with Professor Simon Usherwood.

Dr Cleo Davies is Senior Research Fellow with an expertise on the European Union institutions and the EU-UK relationship. Cleo obtained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh on the European Commission's response to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008-2010. Prior to academia, Cleo worked for over five years in Brussels as a Political and Policy Advisory at European level.

Dr Pippa Lacey is an experienced project manager, editor and writer and is Administrative Assistant on Living with the Neighbours project.

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